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The Battery Pack Should Avoid Heat
May 22, 2018

Whether charging, or during a ride…avoid as much heat as possible in the battery. If you are drawing max amps often (in order to have max performance from a small and light battery?)…it may “work”, but…you will NOT be getting the maximum possible life-cycle from that pack, due to the resulting heat.

There are two ways I know of that you can reduce heat in a battery pack system design. First, use a larger battery pack than you need. You might only “need” a very short amount of range on your particular commute, but a bigger pack will run cooler, since each cell is less stressed at a lower amp-draw per cell.

The next way…is to specify a cell that has a higher amp-rating than you need. If you have a small battery pack that can provide your max amps needed (and it is also the biggest pack that will fit on your frame), but…it’s getting hot? You can buy a pack of the same physical size, but…with a higher amp-rated cell, and it would run cooler.

There are some days when you want to recharge your battery as fast as possible. For example,charger has the ability to charge at 5A, or…also at 3A. If you charge at 5A, the battery will charge faster, but…if you charge at the lower 3A rate, it will take longer, however…the 3A charging rate will also leave the battery pack less warm, and…the cooler the battery is, the better. 

The Tesla cars and the Chevy Volt both have an on-board battery pack cooling system to help stabilize pack temps at a reasonable level.

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