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The Future Of Li-ion
May 21, 2018

In 2018, the future of li-ion in e-bikes looks bright. Most large battery manufacturers are focusing on  the lithium battery power of the future. li-ion technology is developing fast and becoming safer, more reliable, cheaper, and with a higher life expectancy. Since li-ion cells are being developed to be safer, more efficient and more economical (mostly for main stream products such as e-bike) the electric bicycle industry will be able to piggy-back and utilize the newly available technology at an affordable price. Currently, the latest “best” chemistry involves Manganese-Cobalt which is a lot more stable than the cobalt chemistry of the past.

Look for big improvements in li-ion batteries in the near future, and better availability and more affordability. The one big “if” on the future of li-ion is how easy and expensive it will be to ship.

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