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18650 Cells
May 23, 2018

These cells are the current replacement for LiPo in high performance E-bikes. All three are rated for 20A continuous per cell (and some web-sites list their temporary peak capabilities at around 35A!). I am reluctant to list peak amps, because…the few places that do that do not agree on the amount, and they don’t list for how long the “peak” amp-draw is, or what temperatures they reached before they stopped raising the amp-draws.

With either of these cells, a tiny 5P pack (only 60 cells if configured for 12S/44V) can put out 100A! If you are only drawing 60A as a peak during acceleration, and maybe 20A during a cruise-phase…a pack like this will not even get warm, and should last a very long time.

[The new Sony VTC6 has 3100-mAh of capacity, and provides 30A, 

3000-mAh, 20A, ICR18650HG2, LG-Chem

2500-mAh, 20A, INR1865025R, Samsung

2500-mAh, 20A, ICR18650HE4, LG-Chem 

               24V 9Ah Battery


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