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Solve The Problem Of Lithium Battery Life Can Be Used To The Original Ice
May 16, 2017

As we all know, mobile devices in recent years in the battery life problems into the bottleneck period, the major lithium battery manufacturers have to increase the battery capacity to solve this problem, but the increase in capacity of this program is not a permanent solution, Samsung Note7 explosion No doubt to the entire lithium battery industry poured a pot of cold water. However, there are determined to change the researchers did not give up, and finally found a new solution in the recent, that is, condensation method, this method can ensure the safety of lithium batteries to enhance the life of the case, and can bend, Can be fully adapted to the possibility of flexible mobile devices.

So what is condensing in the end? In fact, it is simple, that is, ice-template (ice-templating) vertical alignment of the battery solid electrolyte structure, enhanced conductivity. The birth of this new type of battery is also just for the concept of flexible smart phones and tablet pave the way.

Right now, the market can be recharged lithium battery liquid electrolyte with high flammability, easily lead to security problems, last year Note 7 accident culprit is it. Therefore, the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences decided to try to use solid electrolytes instead of flammable liquid electrolytes.

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