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Power Battery Structure Market Development And Change
May 16, 2017

With the rise of the power industry in the past two years, the demand for power lithium batteries is growing. In the power battery market size and demand to expand at the same time, lithium battery precision structural parts demand also showed a doubling trend.

This change is undoubtedly to the structural parts manufacturing enterprises to provide a good opportunity for development, but in such a fierce competition to highlight the tight encirclement is not easy. It is understood that, due to structural enterprises and lithium battery customers bind deep downstream power battery market concentration increase led to a high degree of structural parts market, industry polarization development is becoming increasingly evident. At the same time, in the power battery energy density and battery pack does not pay attention to quantify the urgent requirements, many lithium battery manufacturers of lithium battery structure in product performance and remember put forward higher requirements, structural parts manufacturing industry The pressure is getting bigger.

In the market scale, the power battery structure has undergone great changes, lithium battery precision structural parts mainly for the battery shell cover, steel / aluminum shell, positive and negative soft connection, battery soft connection row, the lithium battery Safety, airtightness, energy efficiency and so on have a direct impact. Power battery as one of the main components of lithium batteries and battery modules, the rapid growth of its market, to promote the lithium battery structure industry market size and output value of the rapid increase.

GGII data show that in 2016 China's new energy vehicle power battery sales 30.8GWh, is expected in 2017 China's electric car production reached 78 million, power battery production up to 40GWh. This will give the upper reaches of the lithium industry chain enterprises to bring great opportunities for development, technology, strength of the lithium battery structure manufacturing enterprises will occupy more market share.

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