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Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Power Battery Technology
May 16, 2017

What is a battery? In essence, the ability to convert stored chemical energy into electrical equipment is called a battery. In fact, the battery is a small chemical reactor that generates high-energy electrons from the reaction to inject it into an external device; Point of view, the battery can be divided into the original battery, battery, lithium battery, energy storage batteries and fuel cells; such as extending to the physical power, the battery can expand the solar cells, thermoelectric batteries and other battery types, then you know how much battery technology history The Where is the future of battery technology? What is the current situation and future trend of electric vehicle battery technology? The following in-depth analysis.

Battery technology is a great invention, with a wonderful and long history, the earliest original battery can be traced back to 250 BC, Mesopotamia civilization first appeared Baghdad battery, 1749 by the British inventor Benjamin Franklin Using a series of capacitors in series for electrical experiments, "Battery" the English word began to use.

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