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Zinc Battery Is Being Developed, Lithium Battery Will Be Replaced By Zinc Battery?
May 16, 2017

Michael Burz, CEO of EnZinc, of San Antonio, Calif., Says they are preparing to test and promote the technology and hope to achieve good results.

Debra Rolison, head of the Advanced Electrochemical Materials Division at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, is also involved in the study of this zinc battery. He believes that the biggest weakness of lithium batteries is easy to overheat, and even fire explosion. The US Navy has been hoping to find a substitute lithium battery technology to avoid the lithium battery instability on the potential harm to soldiers and weapons. Zinc battery fire risk is far less than the lithium battery, the unit volume and unit mass storage capacity of not less than lithium batteries. In addition, the reserves of zinc on the earth than lithium, but also much cheaper. Therefore, the zinc battery is a promising next generation rechargeable battery.

However, for a long time, zinc batteries are considered to be non-rechargeable, because only a few rounds of charge, the zinc battery inside the two electrodes will produce conductive filament, the final occurrence of two-pole short circuit. And this time, the US Navy research team found a way to suppress the internal electric filament generated by the battery, that is, by making the zinc anode porous sponge-like structure. In this way, during the charging and discharging of the battery, the current in the zinc anode on the division will be more uniform, so the conductive filament is difficult to produce.

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