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How To Keep Long Cyclelife?
Jun 05, 2018

1. After you buy a motocycle(or replace the battery), the battery should have about 80% of the electricity, and you should charge it when you get home. It is advisable to charge the battery for 4 hours after the charger has turned on the lights. This should be done three times.

2, after the day (36v ride 10 km, 48v ride 15 km) to insist on charging, but the charging time is not too long, one hour after the charger lights change is appropriate. It is better to charge less when charging, and do not overcharge, otherwise the battery will be filled because of lack of water, bulging, swelling. Causes irreparable damage to the battery.

3. Do not allow water to enter the battery compartment to cause the battery in the housing to be connected.

4. Fully discharge once a month (ride to "undervoltage" light), then charge continuously for 12 hours.

5, conditional on the whole group of batteries in the monomer swap, about the warranty period of the battery (especially to the summer)

6. Once you find that the charger does not turn green or turn green before a charge, be sure to check if the charger is defective 

7. The discharge port and charging port of the whole battery should be kept clean at all times to prevent the occurrence of copper rust at the contact point, resulting in overheating and damage due to poor contact.

8, there are feet as far as possible to start with the feet, do not load too much, accelerate flat. Do not start the electric start by sitting on the  motocycle.

     A battery pack can be used for more than 5 years in the event of proper charging and normal maintenance. Many users only use 1-2 years to replacement new ones, mainly due to improper charging. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct charging method. 

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