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Choosing A Proper Battery For UPS Is The Basic Factor You Should Consider
Jun 04, 2018

We have to admit that batteries plays an essential and vital role in UPS system in the event of a power failure, so choosing a proper battery for UPS is the basic factor you should consider. LiFePO4 battery owns superior electric performance as back-up power battery, which can provide optimum solution for your UPS

The battery is by far the most vulnerable and failure-prone part of UPS. LiFePO4 battery’s high stability and safety can totally ensure your UPS is trouble-free for long term. Its charge and discharge platform is very stable. Besides, not only does this battery offer incredible advantaged over the lead-acid battery in weight, but also in physical size. It is 1/3 weight of lead-acid, which makes UPS system more portable. Another advantage is long cycle life, In comparison with lead acid battery which has a cycle life of 500 cycles, LiFePO4 battery extends its cycle life up to 2000 cycles.

This advantage avoids the UPS system exchanging the battery frequently as its long operational life. When it comes to temperature, LiFePO4 battery have wide working temperature range, from -10℃ to 60℃, the battery will still working well.

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