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How To Test The Lithium Battery Capacity
Jun 06, 2018

Rechargeable batteries are used in many occasions instead of primary batteries. The level of battery capacity is the main content that determines the quality of batteries. However, there are various types of counterfeit batteries in the society. We can measure the true capacity of batteries with a simple three-step method.


Multimeter, charger, battery


1The battery is fully charged. The voltage of a single lithium battery after full charge is 4.2V.

2With a multimeter to make the battery constant current (0.5C, with respect to the battery capacity) discharge, the termination voltage is set to 3v;

3The constant current discharge time multiplied by the discharge current is the battery capacity;

Inspection: If the constant current discharge cannot reach two hours, then the nominal voltage is not enough. There is a possibility of counterfeiting batteries.


The capacity test is based on the full voltage and the set termination voltage. The minimum discharge voltage of the lithium battery is 2.75V. Therefore, the voltage less than 3V has no meaning for the lithium battery test.

How much C is used for a fixed current discharge? Lithium batteries are generally tested with a 0.5C discharge.

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