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Hope To Get Good One Please Pay Attention On Them
Jul 03, 2018

The battery is the on-board energy that provides the energy of the electric bicycle. The lithium battery electric bicycle uses the latest lithium-ion battery.

Usage Tip: The main control board of the controller is the main circuit of the electric bicycle, which has a large working current and will generate a large amount of heat. Therefore, do not park the electric bicycle in the sun, and do not expose it to rain for a long time to avoid malfunction of the controller.

1. The battery below the average wholesale price of the market is determined not to buy.

2. Products that have not passed the market test for more than 2 years.

3. Change the battery of the national standard size and never buy it.

4.5A discharge, the voltage is higher than 12.68V at 30 seconds, do not buy

The easiest way to detect the battery: 5A discharge, the voltage is lower than 12.63 in 30 seconds, the first 3 minutes of voltage does not fall and rise, the more the counter-lift, the better the quality.

            E-Bike Battery 36v 10Ah


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