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Advice On Using Electric Bicycle
Jul 04, 2018

1. Before using the electric bicycle, the height of the saddle and the handlebar should be adjusted to ensure the comfort of riding and reduce fatigue. The height of the saddle and the handlebars should vary from person to person. Generally, the height of the saddle is suitable for the rider to be able to reliably land on one foot (the whole vehicle should be kept upright), and the height of the handlebar is laid flat on the cyclist's arm. Relax with your arms. However, the adjustment of the saddle and the handlebar should first ensure that the pipe and the insertion depth of the riser must be higher than the safety mark line.

2. Check the front and rear brakes before using the electric bicycle. The front brake is controlled by the right brake and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake. The adjustment of the front and rear brakes can be reliably braked when the left and right brake handles reach half the stroke; the brake shoe is excessively worn and should be replaced in time.

3. Check the tightness of the chain before the electric bicycle is used. When the chain is too tight, it is laborious to ride. If it is too loose, it will easily vibrate and rub other parts. The sag of the chain is suitable for 1-2mm, and it is generally suitable to be adjusted when riding without the ankle. When the chain is adjusted, first loosen the rear wheel nut, and then rotate the left and right chain adjustment screws evenly to adjust the chain tightness and retighten the rear wheel nut.

4. The lubrication of the chain should be checked before using the electric bicycle. Feel and observe whether the chain of the chain is flexible or not, and whether the chain rust is serious. If the corrosion or rotation is not flexible, you should add a proper amount of lubricant, and the chain should be replaced seriously.

5. Before riding an electric bicycle, check the tire pressure, the steering flexibility of the handlebar, the flexibility of the front and rear wheels, the circuit, the battery power, the working condition of the motor, and whether the lighting, horn, and fasteners meet the requirements for use.

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