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Before Riding An Electric Bike, Pls Check As Follow:
Jul 02, 2018

(1) Insufficient tire pressure will increase the friction between the tire and the road surface, thereby shortening the continued mileage; it will also reduce the flexibility of the handlebar rotation and affect the riding comfort and safety. When the air pressure is insufficient, the air pressure should be replenished promptly. The tire air pressure should be in accordance with the recommended air pressure in the “Electric Bicycle Operation Manual” or the specified air pressure on the tire surface.

(2) When the handlebars are not flexible in rotation, they should be promptly lubricated or adjusted when they are stuck, frozen or tight. Lubrication generally uses butter, calcium-based or lithium-based grease; when adjusting, loosen the front fork lock and rotate the front fork on the block. When the flexibility of the handlebar turns to meet the requirements, lock the front fork to lock the mother.

(3) The flexibility of the front and rear wheels is not good, which will increase the rotational friction and increase the power consumption, thereby reducing the mileage. Therefore, in the event of a fault, it should be promptly lubricated and maintained. Lubrication generally uses butter, calcium-based, or lithium-based grease. If it is a shaft failure, it can be replaced with a steel ball or shaft skin. If it is a motor failure, it should be repaired by a professional maintenance unit.

(4) When checking the circuit, turn on the power switch to check whether the circuit is unblocked, whether the connector is firmly and reliably connected, and whether the fuse is working normally, especially if the connection between the battery output terminal and the cable is firm and reliable. Find faults should be promptly eliminated.

(5) Before going out, you should check the battery power and judge whether the battery power is sufficient according to the mileage of the trip. If the power is not sufficient, it should be supplemented with manual maneuvers to avoid battery undervoltage.

(6) The operating condition of the motor should also be checked before traveling. Start the motor and adjust its speed to observe and listen to the operation of the motor. If any abnormality occurs, repair it in time.

(7) Electric bicycles should be checked for lights, horns, etc. before use, especially at night. The headlights should be bright, and the beam should generally fall in the range of 5-10 meters in front of the front of the vehicle; the horn sound should be loud and not deaf; the turn signal should be normal and the steering direction should be normal; the flashing frequency of the lights should be 75-80 times per minute; The display should be normal.

(8) Before the trip, check whether the main fasteners are fastened, such as the horizontal pipe, the riser, the saddle, the saddle pipe, the front wheel, the rear wheel, the central shaft, the lock nut, the ankle, etc. It should not be loosened. If the fasteners loose or fall off, they should be fastened or replaced. The recommended force distance for each fastener is generally: 18N.m for the transverse tube, the riser, the saddle, the saddle tube, the front wheel, and the pedal, and 30N.m for the center shaft and the rear wheel.

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