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The Charger Is Generally Divided Into Two Stages
Jun 29, 2018

The charger is a device for supplementing the battery with electric energy, and is generally divided into two stages of charging mode and three-phase mode. The two-stage charging mode: first constant voltage charging, the charging current gradually decreases with the rise of the battery voltage, and after the battery power is replenished to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the charger's set value, and this is converted into trickle charging. Three-phase charging mode: At the beginning of charging, the first constant current is charged, and the battery is quickly recharged; after the battery voltage rises, it is converted to constant voltage charging. At this time, the battery energy is slowly added, and the battery voltage continues to rise; reaching the charge termination voltage of the charger. When valued, it is switched to trickle charge to maintain the self-discharge current of the battery and the supplied battery.


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