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The Latest Progress Of Dumping Complaints On Electric Bicycles: EBMA Illegally Obtains Accurate Import Data
Apr 27, 2018

Belgium, Brussels - EBMA has made even more dramatic progress in the dumping of electric bicycles by Chinese exporters. The data is the key to the case. Only firm evidence can prove that China is dumping electric bicycles into Europe. Surprisingly, Chinese officials have now confirmed that the data provided by EBMA is accurate, but they also said that the data was obtained illegally.

In a report last week, bike Europe specifically mentioned the export data of electric bicycles in China. According to the report, “Since the Chinese authorities regard electric bicycle export data as confidential information, there is currently no officially released official data. Currently, there is no other information that can be used to refute the data submitted by EBMA, which pointed to the current target of large quantities of electric bicycles in Europe to the Chinese electric bicycle manufacturers. According to EBMA, November 2017 to February 2018, electric bicycles Imports have surged by 180-250%, and EBMA stated that the source of the import data is China Customs and Eurostat, and in terms of Chinese customs, EBMA previously stated that they are currently in China.

A team in the territory is conducting its own electric bike export survey. ”

The corroboration of the case may allow the European Commission to decide whether to implement import registration and temporary anti-dumping measures in the near future or slowest before July 20.

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