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Ebike Charging For Long Battery Life
Apr 28, 2018

Ebike charging for long Battery life

So, you want your battery to last a long time?…remember that most people will not ride their ebike 500 times in their lifetime. Maybe hard to believe, but 500 charges is the typical lifespan of a 18650-cell ebike battery. And, 500 charges will take nearly anyone a long time to get through. So our first advice is not to worry about it and ride it like you stole it. By the time your ebike battery is used up, there will probably be some amazing technology around and you will want to replace  your old clunky battery anyway. Also, most people will damage their ebike battery from abuse (dropping etc) way before they use it up from natural wear and tear.

However it has been theorized that you can get up to double the life of your batteries expected life, by taking care when charging.

Simple Rule To Remember

Lithium batteries like to stay cool. If you want to make your battery last a long time do not let it get hot, either in discharge or when charging. How to tell if you battery is getting hot? just use the finger test and just put your finger on it. Warm is OK…Hot to the touch is bad and you are shortening the life of your battery when you get it hot.

Always Charge Slow When You Can

Ebike batteries prefer to be charged slowly…. The smaller the pack (in amp hours), the slower they like to be charged.  If you are concerned with battery life don’t buy the highest amperage charger you can find….just stick with a low amperage (2-3 amps) charger, or go with an advanced smart charger which can charge slow or fast with the turn of a knob.  It’s always good to charge slow unless you are in a rush. 

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