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Notes For Electric Bicycle
Jul 10, 2018

1. Electric bicycles are not afraid of rain and snow. However, when the water is involved, the water level must not exceed the lower edge of the electric hub bearing housing to prevent damage from the motor water. After riding in rain or snow, wipe it off as soon as possible; if the device is immersed in water, it should be dried with a hair dryer. In order to avoid the corrosion of iron parts and circuit leakage, short circuit and other faults.

2, rain and snow riding, the speed should be properly reduced, the brakes pay attention to increase the braking distance, to prevent side slip and U-turn, so as not to endanger personal safety.

3, electric bicycles should avoid long-term sun exposure, should be placed in a cool place when stored. Solar exposure accelerates the aging of paints, plastic parts, rubber parts and electronic components, reducing their service life and reliability. 

4. When the battery reaches the undervoltage state, it should be stopped and charged early. It is forbidden to use the battery's rebound voltage. It is forbidden to deep discharge and overdischarge of the battery. It is best to use it with the charge, so that it is always in a state of high power. It is recommended to charge at least once a day.

5. When the battery is stored, it should be placed in a place where the temperature is cold and the air humidity is moderate. 

6, the first use of electric bicycles should read the "Instructions for Use" to understand the performance of electric bicycles. Don't lend to people who don't control electric bikes.

7. Psychiatric patients, alcoholics and other disabled persons who are not suitable for cycling are prohibited from using electric bicycles; patients with heart disease, epilepsy and color blindness should be cautious when riding.

8. Electric bicycles are non-motorized vehicles. When riding, they should abide by the traffic rules and drive on non-motor vehicle lanes or local prescribed lanes.

9. Electric bicycles should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry, and away from corrosive liquids and gases; the whole vehicle should be erected during storage, the tires should have sufficient air pressure; the vehicle body should not be loaded with heavy objects; and the batteries should be stored separately.

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