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National Standard General Technical Conditions For Electric Bicycle (GB17761-1999)
Jul 11, 2018

The four most important national standards for electric bicycles are: there must be pedals to achieve human riding; the highest design speed is no more than 20km/h; the whole vehicle quality is not more than 40kg; the motor output power is not more than 240w;

National Standard "General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles" (GB17761-1999)

electric bicycle

With the battery as an auxiliary energy source, it has two wheels, and it can realize the special bicycle for human riding, electric or electric assisting function.

skills requirement:

1. The maximum speed: no more than 20km / h; (Article 58 of the "Law", the maximum speed of electric vehicles does not exceed 15 kilometers)

2. Vehicle quality: no more than 40kg (including battery);

3. Pedal driving ability: It must have a good pedal riding function, and the driving distance of 30 minutes should be no less than 7km;

4. Continued mileage: the mileage of one line after charging should be no less than 25km;

5. Maximum riding noise: When the maximum speed is used for electric uniform speed riding (electrically assisted driving with 15km/h to 18km/h speed), the noise should be no more than 62dB(A); the power consumption of 100km should be no more than 1.2kW·h;

6. Hundreds of kilometers of electricity consumption: electric riding (electrically assisted electric assisted riding), 100km of electric energy consumption should be no more than 1.2KWH

7. Motor power: rated continuous output power should be no more than 240W;

8. Braking performance: When riding at the highest speed (electrically assisted driving with a speed of 20km/h), the dry braking distance should be no more than 4m, and the wet braking distance should be no more than 15m.

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