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Mobile Power
May 16, 2017

Although the mobile power is nowadays the popular products of the electronic market, but because of its accessories as "passive" and the nature may encounter development bottlenecks.

From the application point of view, mobile power seems to be a wide range of products, for example, can be a female product, business products or outdoor products, but also because of this, it is not the concept of cutting-edge in the market development is not enough Called the "precision" product concept, in some precision equipment on the application of mobile power is precisely the blind spot.

From the technical requirements point of view, the mobile power must first ensure safety, this is because of its storage unit lithium battery itself will be a security risk. In the price, the same function, who can be superior in security, who will be in the future competitive market profit. These safety factors may involve: overcharge and over discharge protection, fire resistance, battery stability, the use of specific environmental security, these are the users really concerned about the part.

Mobile power as a subsidiary of the nature of the product, so that it faces the enormous pressure of battery technology development, once the battery life after the increase in the need for mobile power will be greatly reduced.

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