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Lithium Battery Development And Future
May 16, 2017

Speaking of lithium batteries, first of all people may first think of the battery, because the price of lithium batteries in the past, the battery cheap and practical. Lithium batteries generally can not give enough demand for the industry, so people choose the battery in the industry at the same time think of the battery. But in the first two years when the crackdown on pollution to shut down a lot of battery factory, at least closed two-thirds of the battery factory. Last year, people and the pursuit of pollution-free and environmental protection when the lithium battery put on the table, coupled with lithium battery is indeed a non-polluting battery, pollution is relatively much smaller than the battery.

Battery is now commonly used in electric cars above the motorcycle above, the most common. Lithium battery is now more useful, from the industry to the recent development of the electric car there are electric car flashlight and so on.

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