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Mobile Phone Battery Life Is Not To Force Lithium Battery Bottlenecks Encountered Development
May 16, 2017

From the time when the smart phone appears, the battery life problem is deeply troubled by the user, now is a long time to cure the "ills." Even in the world hundreds of fans of the iPhone has not been spared.

Recently, the Japanese smart phone user service company FixYa implemented a survey on the shortcomings of the iPhone. According to the show, came in the first place is the battery life is short, the proportion reached 35%. In addition, with the iPhone 6 heat rising, consumer expectations for the iPhone 6 is also gradually clear up, science and technology columnist Michael Como iPhone 6 made six expectations, including improved battery life.

Apple is also well aware of this. In order to improve the battery technology, Apple has acquired a low-power micro-LED display developer LuxVue. It is reported that the company has been developing low-power next-generation consumer-level LED display technology, making the screen to maintain high brightness at the same time, enhance battery life, significantly reduce battery power consumption.

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