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Lithium Iron Phosphate / 18650 Can Replace The Battery?
May 16, 2017

Technically speaking, lithium iron phosphate (3.2v) due to the voltage is lower than other lithium-ion battery (3.7v), and exactly the equivalent of dry batteries (1.5v) twice, is the only lithium battery family is suitable for alternative dry batteries of.

Metal lithium battery actually has 3v, but the high price of metal lithium battery high, only a small number of countries have a small number of enterprises production, the current basic for military, civil less.

14500 battery a top two dry batteries, smaller than eneloop volume, but whether it is more applicable, although I am doing lithium battery, but I want to say no Eneloop in the nickel hydrogen has been the ultimate, but the 14500 battery in the lithium battery is the side door. Lithium battery common production model is 18650, or mobile phone with the various types of batteries. It is not fair to use the door products and do the best products.

18650 after the transformation can replace the battery. My side industry is playing audio, this circle, with a dry battery player, such as sony d50, a lot of friends on the exchange of lithium batteries, two points: 1, lithium battery discharge platform is smooth, 2, lithium battery resistance is much smaller than the dry battery The These two points make the lithium battery interference on the sound source smaller. But to the battery box to transform, need a certain hands-on ability.

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