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Germany, Friedrichshafen-Eurobike
Jul 06, 2018

Germany, Friedrichshafen-Eurobike  International Bicycles have re-adjusted their extensions and decided not to move the 2019 date forward. organizers have announced the 2019 extensions, and it is clear that the date has been adjusted back to the same as in previous years.

Next year's Eurobike will be re-adjusted to the original model in addition to the date adjustment, and the Festival Day, which will open all visitors, will return. Eurobike hosted Messe Friedrichshafen in a statement saying: "After many discussions with many retail and industry partners, the results are one-sided. Everyone really wants Eurobike to be open again to all people to participate. As for the next best The date of the event, the industry has not yet reached a consensus, and there is a tendency to hold it between June and September."

In addition, Eurobike exhibition manager Stefan Reisinger said: "The highest time of the requirement is  in early August next year. The concept of attracting consumers to participate in the exhibition is very popular among manufacturers. In the future, we will continue to flexibly adjust the date and concept of Eurobike. In order to follow the market demand flexibly."


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