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How To Extend Battery Cycle Life
Jul 06, 2018

Electric bicycles should try not to use zero start (ie, start in place), especially on load and uphill. When starting, you should first ride with human push, then turn to electric driving when a certain speed is reached, or use electric power to drive directly. This is because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction force. At this time, the current is large, close to or even reach the resistance current, so that the battery can work at a high current to accelerate the damage of the battery.

When using electric bicycles, try to use human-assisted or electric-assisted methods, especially when going uphill, carrying weights, windward or bumpy roads. In this way, the battery can be prevented from discharging for a long time and large current, and the battery is damaged, which is beneficial to increasing the mileage of one charge and prolonging the service life of the battery.

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