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Electric Bicycle
Jul 13, 2018

(1) The brush controller uses the ordinary line controller to change the phase is very simple, but the power display version 12V is changed to 36V and the 36 direct 12V power display version is used. However, it is not allowed to change it.

(2) The brushless controller uses the body to change the controller phase change. If there is over-reversal, there are two ways to repel the 1 tipping motor 2 with the motor's 8-line + positive-negative A yellow B blue C green small line is SA yellow SB blue SC green positive and negative fixed big line A and B change small line SA and Electric bicycle body with 250W motor and 150 controller can not be changed

(3) It is not possible, such as 250W motor matching 350 controller can be used in 1-4 turn-off time, but 150 controllers match 250 motor can not bring up because the controller output is only 150W with this control Device

(4) Generally speaking, the connection controller of the brushless motor is turned, but if the motor is not connected to the controller and the power is connected, the motor will not rotate.

(5) The general electric bicycle is tapped at the turn but with the signal line. However, some electric bicycle are not. He is in the single-line kill line and the other one is on the negative line of the big line and pour into the synthetic kill line.

(6) The dual-powered motor only has two coils inside the motor and pours 11 pairs of wires. 8 of them are brushless and are ordinary low-speed wires, and the motor high-speed coil is 3 to the right of the motor.

(7) The electric appliance is matched with the controller. When the rotary handle is screwed to a certain extent, the controller will have unbearable pressure. He will output too high current and send a signal through the electric appliance to generate the electric appliance to change to the low gear. Blocking and generating non-stop calls to the high speed line of the motor

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