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Jul 16, 2018

Friedrichshafen, Germany - Although the bicycle market has become hotter as demand for electric bicycles has increased in Europe (especially in Germany), the number of visitors to the world's largest bicycle show has not risen. The number of visitors has dropped from 42,590 last year to 37,379 this year. There are two main reasons for this. One is a new policy for IBD visit registration in order to improve the quality of visitors, and the other is an advance schedule.

Eurobike exhibition manager Stefan Reisinger said: "This year the show launched a new model for visitors, and IBD visit registration is part of it, and the industry has also expressed its approval. Although the Retail First policy has strict admission regulations, the number of visitors has dropped slightly. But it also represents the improvement of the quality of visitors. It is also affirmation of the success of the Retail First policy. We will continue to do so in the past. 

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