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E-bike Battery Material One: Lithium Ion Cells 18650
Jul 11, 2017

In the e-bike battery industry,there are cylinderical(round) cells,pouch cells and prismatic cells for battery choosing.

Most of the time, the factories will use cylinderical cells 18650 for battery packs.We are here to introduce the 18650 cells as the raw material for e-bike battery.

18650 model was created by Japanese company-SONY, because it has 18mm for diameter,65mm for length.AND 0 is just for the shape, means the battery is round shape.China,Japan and Korea are the three basic countries of producing 18650 battery.18650 battery normally use Lithium ion cobalt and maganese for main material.(PS: LiFePO4 material is also used into 18650 battery)


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