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2018 Italy (Milan) EICMA MOTOR EXPO
Nov 08, 2018

Milan International Bicycle Exhibition is one of the world's top bike exhibitions. It is a sister exhibition with Cologne International Bicycle, Motorcycle and Scooter Exhibition in Germany. Since 2005, the bicycle exhibition and Motorcycle Exhibition of the exhibition have been separated into two separate exhibitions. Over the years, the exhibition has attracted worldwide attention from motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and their professionals. It has been regarded as a gateway to enter European and world markets by Chinese manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles and spare parts, and a platform for communication with colleagues in the world's two-wheeled vehicle industry.

Italy is a developed capitalist industrialized country. Its economic strength ranks fifth in the western world and third in the European Community. Milan is Italy's second largest city, the most important economic center in the country, known as the "economic capital". In addition, with its romantic Mediterranean scenery and unique artistic charm of the city, Italy attracts many bicycle tourists from around the world every year. As a new tourism mode, the dual wheel travel is rising and developing rapidly.

In order to reduce the smoke in the atmosphere, Milan, Italy, began to levy emission fees on automobile drivers in 2009, becoming the top city in the European Union levying emission fees for automobiles. According to the reformed environmental permit system, cars have to pay up to 10 euros a day. So in recent years, the use of bicycles has been vigorously promoted in many European countries. Despite the famous car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Fiat, more and more people begin to prefer bicycles as travel tools and choose to buy bicycles, motorcycles and so on. Italy now sells more than two cars.

Italy has a strong motorcycle culture. Italy loves speed and passion. Whether it's motorcycles or cars, you can find many world famous manufacturers near Milan, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Augusta, Applia and so on. This passion for automobiles and motorcycles has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of all people, who believe that this is the Italian culture. At the Milan Motor Show, you can see the audience of different ages. In Milan, you can deeply appreciate the Italian love for motorcycles.

As one of the founding member states of the European Union, Italy attaches great importance to and actively promotes the construction of European integration. At the same time, Italy has joined NATO and relies on NATO to attach importance to its traditional relations with the United States. Italy emphasizes the establishment of a just and reasonable new international order and advocates multi-polarization of the world and strengthening regional cooperation. Russia, Japan, China, Brazil and other countries and regions are important trading partners of Italy's non-EU countries.

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