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Why Battery Factories Are Collapsing
Dec 18, 2017

China electric vehicles industry is booming in the past three years,but till December 2017,many battery factories are collapsing.Here we mean battery factories basically are battery cells producer.

1.China government starts the subsidy policy in 2014-2015,and then most of the lithium cell producers

are targeting on this topic.Subsidy fraud is very often in e-vehicle industry.Then government became strict with subsidy for vehicle or battery producers.Low quality products can not earn any benefits any more.

2.Lithium battery raw material cost is increasing more than before in 2017,no matter anthod or cathod material,even accessories are expensive now, such as nickle connector,holder and BMS.

3.China battery cells and packing technology is leading the industry,but BMS tech is not smart as others.Foreign battery has longer range,due to the better BMS.


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