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Which One Is Good For The Use Of The Battery?Charge Frequently Or Recharged After Discharging Empty?
Apr 02, 2018

Answer: Since the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles will increase significantly. Therefore, according to this theory,  charging frequently is beneficial to the cycle life. However, in view of the large number of chargers currently in circulation on the market, chargers have high failure rate and poor reliability due to price factors and technical level. Low precision and other defects. Therefore, charge frequently will affect the battery life. When the battery is recharged after discharging empty, although the number of charging times is reduced, some single cells may be over-discharged due to the difference between the individual cells during discharge, the overcharged battery charging capability will be greatly reduced resulting in insufficient charging failure . Due to the recharging after discharging empty , the charger has a heavy load for a long time and it is easy to damage the charger. Therefore, based on the above, we think that it is reasonable to charge once when the battery discharges 50-70% of the electricity, which is good for the use of the battery.


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