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US Proposes 25% Tariff On Chinese-Made E-bikes
Jul 17, 2018

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News reveals ‘Chinese-made e-bikes, would be subject to a 25 percent tariff under a proposal released Friday. The tariff, which could take effect in a matter of months, would increase the retail price of the bikes by hundreds of dollars, perhaps enough to make them uncompetitive with e-bikes made elsewhere, and dampening interest in one of the bike industry’s most promising sectors.’

However, the article also notes ‘The list will go through a public comment process, including public hearings, before the U.S. Trade Representative decides whether each product code should be subject to the tariff. The process is likely to take several months.’

The majority of e-bikes sold in the US are imported from China so potential consequences are clearly significant, especially at the budget end of the market.

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