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UPS Is Delivering Some Packages By Electric Tricycle
Feb 02, 2018

UPS in Germany is using electric tricycle to deliver packages.In most of Chinese cities, electric scooters or tricycles are not allowed to drive on road.But now UPS emplyees are delivering packages by electric tricycles in Berlin.

Actually early 2016, UPS website published the news that UPS use electric tricycles to deliver.

UPS already has some electric and hybrid-electric full-size delivery trucks on roads. It’s also experimenting with hydrogen fuel-cell projects. But because the new trikes can fight congestion along with pollution, they have additional advantages in crowded cities.

The company estimates that a five-minute daily delay for each UPS vehicle costs $105 million in operating costs.

The delivery trikes are also likely safer than trucks for pedestrians and other cyclists, as Streetsblog points out. The Portland-based company that manufactured the trike for the pilot says that its vehicles have never caused an injury.



48 Volt 20ah Lithium Battery  for electric tricycle

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