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The Key Parts Of Lithium Ion Battery Packs
Aug 04, 2017

What is the key part of Electric bike battery ?

1.Cells ?

2.BMS ?

3.Casing ?

When cost is decided, all the raw material is chosen by the battery factory.But some clients still have quality problem.And suppliers start to serach the reasones from the raw material,but finally find nothing.The cells are samsung brand cells, stable BMS and casing.

We currently have one battery case(48V Electric bike battery) as above.Battery is using samsung 26H, high protection 25A BMS,

for e-bike board.There is one samsung cell exploded, which happens very rare in the e-bike batteries cases.

And finally we find the client use 2pcs 24v batteries in series to make them 48v battery at side.Here is a big mistake for making several batteries in series for combining a big volt battery.

Because two batteries can not be at same status,even the BMS are not prepared in same resistance.

If one battery stops working because of its BMS, then all the pressure will be on top of another battery.It makes this battery's BMS failed,then cells are over-discharged!

48v ebike battery,48v electric bicycle battery 

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