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Temporary Anti-dumping Duties Apply To All Imported Electric Bicycles
Jul 24, 2018

As far as the European Commission investigates some aspects of the electric bicycle dumping case, the European Commission has reached the requirements of the China Electromechanical Import and Export Products Chamber of Commerce (CCCME) and the European Electric Bicycle Importers Group. This is related to the analogy adopted, the analogy of the case is Switzerland. However, the Chamber of Commerce and the importers group refute the high labor costs in Switzerland and the high number of high-speed electric-assisted bicycles sold each year, so it cannot be compared with the sales of electric bicycles in Europe. The European Commission concluded that: "The European Commission therefore concludes at this stage that Switzerland is not a suitable analogy under Article 2, paragraph 7 (a) of the Basic Regulation. Instead, the price of electric bikes purchased in the EU (normal value). Through the price comparison, the undercutting margins are calculated to be 16.2% to 41%, so the European Commission has determined that the Chinese industry does have a price cut.

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