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Recruiting Agents In Spain
May 26, 2018

n oder to open more business,recruiting agents in Spain


Become the most competitive battery supplier in the world


Provide customers with more value-added services!

core value

Source: Never forget the hard-working partner!

Gathering: Integrating all the resources that can be integrated, inspiring the full potential of employees!

Innovation: Prepare new solution, plan ahead, never slack off, actively seek change, and lead the trend!

Share: Fortunes and common development. Take the society for the community! Take into account the interests of customers, suppliers and employees!

Quality policy: not only meet customer requirements, but also exceed customer needs

Huzhou ChengErXing Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Add: Eco.&Tech. Development Zone,
Chang Xing County,Zhe Jiang Province,China
Tel: +86-572-6290631 Fax:+86-572-6290636
Email: joe@rightbikeonline.com, rightenergy01@163.com   

Web: www.rightbikeonline.com, www.electricbikesbattery.com

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  • Eco. and Tech. Development Zone,Changxing county,Zhejiang province,China


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