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Quality Is Not An Act, It Is A Habit
May 29, 2018

We pay much attention to this. Below is the order process for your reference:

1. Select accordant cells for each battery pack before assembling;

2. Virtual testing for BMS which will be used in the order;

3. Skilled assembling by spot-welding machine for cylindrical cells, or manual welding for flat cells;

4. Cycle testing for battery packs for at least 3 times with required discharging current and charging current;

5. Packed the heat shrink tube wrapped and assemble to the battery cases.

6. Appointed packaging

7. Shipping handling.

Our advantage is the cycle testing with required discharging current and charging current. And the skilled assembled workers who works for this job more than 8 years.

And we will have 2% spare pcs for order more than 200 pcs per model.

             52 Volt Bicycle Battery


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