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Provisional Anti-Dumping Duties
Jul 20, 2018

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The provisional anti-dumping duties announced yesterday on e-bikes imported from China are applicable to all e-bike categories; including L1 e-A and L1 e-B speed pedelecs as well as tricycles. In the European Commission’s 30-page document published in the EU Official Journal, almost all counter arguments brought forward by the Chinese industry and the e-bike Importers Collective since the May 3 EU regulation that made the e-bike import from China subject to registration, are rejected.

Provisional Anti-Dumping Duties Apply to All Imported E-Bike Types

Provisional anti-dumping duties on e-bikes imported from China are applicable to all e-bike categories;

The provisional anti-dumping duties announced yesterday are coming into force today and apply for a period of six months. By January 2019 the definitive anti-dumping must be announced by the European Commission.

The provisional anti-dumping duties apply to all e-bikes imported from China which have been subjected to registration since May 3. On the collection of the provisional anti-dumping duties the European Commission’s document says “The release (of the imported e-bikes, editor’s note) for free circulation in the Union of the product referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to the provision of a security deposit equivalent to the amount of the provisional duty.”

Once the definitive duties are in place collection starts. Depending of the decision by the European Commission, this could apply retroactively from the registration date of May 3 onward.

The provisional anti-dumping duties which have been set now also present a clear indication on how the definitive anti-dumping duties on e-bike imported from China will look like. These definitive anti-dumping duties must be announced by 20 January 2019 or earlier.

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