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Lithium Packs
May 15, 2018

Lithium Iron Phosphate is currently the most common lithium battery used in Ebike applications. It is considered the most stable lithium battery type available today (low risk of fire) and has a reasonably high life expectancy of over 1000 charges.

LiFePO4 cells nominal voltage is generally from 3.0-to 3.2 volts, and generally, lifepo4 is a heavier and less power dense than available LiPo batteries and is not capable of as high of amperage discharge.

For people who are new to the hobby, ready-made lithium packs are the way to go. Several manufacturers offer ready to go Lithium packs with a built in Battery Management System (BMS) at affordable prices.

The most noteworthy battery supplier is based in the China and is offering lithium packs based on high quality cells.  A vendor HUZHOU CHENGERXING ENERGY TECH CO.,LTD, so…check them out for a multitude of different packs at a very reasonable price.

You can buy LiFePO4 straight from China from  A vendor HUZHOU CHENGERXING ENERGY TECH CO.,LTD. These batteries are a little bulky, but are safe, and will last over 1000 charges. You can also buy ready made Lithium Iron Phoshate (LiFePO4) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) packs from BMS battery.

A high quality China battery manufacturer by the name of “ A vendor HUZHOU CHENGERXING ENERGY TECH CO.,LTD” constructs packs consisting of 18650 cells (cylindrical cells that are 18mm diameter and 65mm long) and uses high tech packing materials to spread out the cells and thus the pack gets a longer life. This is the pack of choice in many high end commercially available ebikes .

Welcome old and new clients to order battery.

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