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KTM Bicycles Builds New Factory Thanks To E-Bike Boom
Oct 31, 2018

MATTIGHOFEN, Austria – The bicycle manufacturer is investing 10 million euros in an all new production facility at its headquarters in Mattighofen. “From mid-July, the 45-year-old hall will be demolished to build a new 5,000 square meters new production facility,” KTM Bicycles CEO Stefan Limbrunner confirmed on the Austrian radio ORF yesterday.

The announcement comes one week after KTM Bicycles reported that operational management of the company had been transferred to Johanna Urkauf and Stefan Limbrunner. By the end of this month, longtime Managing Director Franz Leingartner will retire. Also KTM Bicycle owner Carol Urkauf-Chen will step back from the daily operation and join the supervisory board.

The new factory in Mattighofen is expected to be ready in 10 months. According to Limbrunner, “growing demand for e-bikes is the main reason for the investment. When it comes to sales more than 60 percent is generated by e-bikes. Also in volume the numbers are increasing rapidly. In Mattighofen the production volume expanded from 66,000 units in 2017 to 88,000 units this year. In 2019, we have planned 111,000 bicycles.”

According to the ORF report the bicycle manufacturer produces the entry-level models in the Czech Republic and the higher-priced bikes, including e-bikes at its headquarters in Austria. The company employs 400 employees and generated a turnover over 240 million.

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