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How To Keep Battery Life?
Jun 22, 2018

First, the e-bike should be light and its performance should be better. The battery life of the simple model is relatively long, because the diameter of the wheel is large, the weight of the vehicle is light, and the burden on the battery is light. Some cars use brushless motors or high-speed motors, which have smaller discharge currents. Such vehicles have a current of about 4a when they cruise at 20 km/h. This kind of car has a relatively long life.
Second, the battery should choose a good quality brand.
Third, choose a good charger. The widely circulated word in the industry is that batteries are not bad and are bad. So the charger should be used well.
Fourth, the e-bike will use a battery for a long time without a battery for a long time. (For two to three months without charging, the battery will not be work)
Fifth, we must pay attention when we ride a bicycle. We generally use human ride for starting and climbing, do not overload, do not drive express trains, and charge frequently.

36v Ebike Battery

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