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How To Design A Lithium Battery Pack For Emergency Lights? Lithium Battery Manufacturer Tells You With A Design Case
Jun 08, 2018

Original Battery Capital: When designing a lithium battery for a lamp, ignoring the conversion efficiency will surely increase the cost of battery design. The battery price is often rejected by customers. You may learn less about the conversion efficiency of the customer and the regional standards. Detour, I suggest you insist on reading. Let's look at a group of 10W emergency light lithium batteries that are exported to Australia. The actual battery photos are as follows:


The battery pack for this emergency light is relatively common, with two batteries in series design. The top and bottom of the battery are affixed with regular green paper. The battery output is a common 2P plug. The red line is the positive battery, and the black line is the battery negative. Did you find that many outdoor digital batteries resemble these?


The internal battery pack of the battery pack uses 18650 lithium iron phosphate and has a battery protection board inside. The battery capacity is 1200mAh, that is, the 6.4V 1200mAh battery pack, and the battery structure is in series. This should be the simplest design of the series battery structure. Only lithium is used. Battery manufacturers can not damage electronic components during battery production, as shown below


So how did this 10W emergency lamp lithium battery from Australia export out? Here are some things you must understand.

1. Lithium batteries for lamps are mostly used for emergency use. Take the common corridor lighting indicator as an example. The standard in European countries is 180 minutes, that is, 3 hours. The emergency standard in Australia is 120 minutes or 2 hours. The emergency standard in China and other countries is 90 minutes or 1.5 hours.

2. The conversion efficiency of emergency lights. Assuming that the design power of an emergency light is 10W (watts) and the emergency conversion efficiency is designed to be 30%, then the power required for emergency is actually 3W (watts).

That is, 10W*30%=3W.

3, to understand the design of the emergency light manufacturers designers of the loss of the product, the normal utilization rate of 15%, of course, there are 70%, 95%, in the absence of special requirements can be calculated according to 85%, that is, the loss is 15%.

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