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How To Buy The Best Electric Bike
Mar 18, 2018

1.Are you planning to buy an electric bike, but overwhelmed by all the choices?

2.Do you find it hard to figure out what to buy, with all the choices of bikes, motors and batteries?

3.Are you feeling anxious about this, because you do not want to make an expensive mistake?

4.Are the sales people and the competing web sites just making it harder to choose?

You are not alone! I went through this myself the first time I bought an electric bike. Through years of personal experience, test riding hundreds of bikes, and extensive research, I have learned all the variables involved in picking out the best electric bike. In my new, updated book, with complete impartiality and all the knowledge I have acquired from decades of experience, I will help you to:

1.Know all you need to know about the technology of electric bikes, so that you understand the sales person and can ask the right questions. When you are shopping for an ebike and you start asking questions that show that you know what you are talking about, there is an immediate change in the way you are treated – and sometimes even the options you are offered. Your knowledge may even enable you to secure a better deal.

2.Be totally clear about what you are looking for, so that you can pick out the best electric bike for you.

3.Be fully informed about the different kinds of electric bike motors and batteries, so you can choose what is best for you.

4.Know about the best quality and highest rated electric bikes, so that you can tell the difference between high-quality quality and low-quality electric bikes.

5.Be empowered to see beyond the sometimes excessive claims for the range of electric bikes.

6.Prove to your spouse that your electric bike will save you money, improve your health, help you lose weight, and just generally help you to become a much better spouse!


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