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German Association ZIV Developed Standardized Range Test For E-Bikes
Sep 04, 2018

BAD SODEN, Germany – “What is the range of this e-bike?” An important question and a key condition for many interested in buying an e-bike. So far, there have been various approaches to identify this objectively, but such procedures could only be compared to a very limited extent. The German industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV)’ has therefore developed the “standardized range test R200.”

With this standardized test manufacturers, dealers and consumers can objectively compare the ranges of different e-bikes. ZIV developed the R200test partly on the basis of experiences in the daily use of electric bicycles. Also, Accell Group, Bosch E-Bike Systems, Shimano and Velotech provided advice.

The R200  test procedure can be carried out on qualified test rigs and is particularly characterized by reproducible results. Relevant influencing factors are, for example, the battery, the drive system, the powertrain and the tyres of the e-bike. In addition, the range of an e-bike depends very much on the selected support mode (e.g. Eco, Sport, Turbo). Nevertheless, in order to make the test results comparable the new method normalizes all e-bikes to a uniform support factor of 200 percent (hence ‘R200’). This 200 percent support factor means that the drive system with 70W supports to 140W. In addition, the R200 range test shows the battery capacity and the e-bike energy consumption.

Next to the e-bike conditions there are other factors that affect the range. Among others these include weight, type of terrain, riding surface, how driving is started and wind conditions. To ensure comparability, the range test uses representative conditions (values) for these parameters. Tests show that this approach and the ranges determined by the method are realistic and reproducible.


It is too early to say that this test is a basis for arriving at an internationally accepted standard for the objective rendering of ranges of e-bikes.

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