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Flight Requirements
May 01, 2018

To ensure flight safety and avoid unsafe incidents caused by passengers carrying lithium batteries (Lithium metal batteries are prone to catch fire and burn when the internal temperature is high), in August 2008, the Civil Aviation Administration of China had made clear to passengers carrying lithium batteries. Provisions:

First, passengers are not allowed to carry lithium batteries in checked baggage.

Second, passengers can carry consumer electronic devices (watches, calculators, cameras, cell phones, laptops, camcorders, etc.) for personal use of lithium ion cells or batteries. The spare battery must be individually protected from short circuits and can only be carried in hand luggage. In addition, each spare battery must not exceed the following quantities: For lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, the lithium content does not exceed 2 grams; for lithium-ion batteries, the total lithium content of the same quality does not exceed 8 grams.

Third, passengers can carry lithium-ion batteries with a total lithium content of 8 grams or more and 25 grams or less. If they are individually protected against short circuits, they can be carried in hand luggage. There are 2 spare batteries per person.

Fourth, other types of backup dry batteries, such as nickel-metal hydride batteries, can also be carried along with them if they are suitable for short-circuit prevention.

Fifth, lithium-ion batteries with a total lithium content of more than 25 grams must be shipped in the form of cargo transportation in accordance with the "Lithium Battery Air Transport Specification" (MH/T1020-2007).

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