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Giant Records Double-Digit Growth In Europe Driven By E-Bikes
Aug 21, 2018

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. saw its net income grow by 31.8 percent in the first half of this year. Consolidated group revenue increased by 7.9 percent up to a total of TWD 29.17 billion (€ 830.2 million).

In its outlook for the whole of 2018 the company states “With a strong growing demand for e-bikes, Giant possesses a competitive advantage with its well-established e-bike supply chain and is making pace to increase distribution in the global market. Giant’s Taiwan production facility is well positioned as the development and production base for high-end e-bikes that offer innovative and value added products demanded by both European and North America markets. Giant China e-bike production facility is focusing on producing entry to mid-level e-bikes serving China domestic, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian markets. Giant’s Netherlands production facility is situated at the heart of the e-bike market, offering customers with innovative products and on time after sales service to the European markets. Giant’s new Hungary production facility will produce both regular bicycles as well as e-bikes offer greater responsiveness to market demand.”

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