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American Electric Bicycle Survey: Why Do People Buy Electric Bikes?
Mar 26, 2018

Electric bicycles have become a hot spot abroad, and there is also a good discussion on social networking sites, with significant growth seen in overall sales. But there are too few research data on electric bikes to figure out how people perceive the recent rise in electric bikes. And a survey of American electric bicycles, conducted by the National Institute of Transportation and Community research, is able to understand how people perceive such vehicles between electric cars and bicycles.

 The survey questioned nearly 1800 electric bicycle riders in North America, most of them in the United States. Topics include asking respondents why they buy electric bikes, what conditions they use, and how their electric bikes behave in actual cycling compared to conventional bicycles.

Advantages of electric bikes for users

According to the report, men accounted for 70% of the majority of electric bicycle buyers, and 29% for women (the remainder did not specify gender). The reasons for buying electric bikes are described in the chart below, for example, it is easier to ride in hilly areas, to ride longer distances than bicycles, to overcome obstacles caused by physical inadequacy, to purchase electric bikes for entertainment purposes and so on.

However, there are also many purchases to avoid the trouble of car driving. 28% of those surveyed said they bought electric bikes instead of cars.

Others point out that they prefer a lifestyle without cars, such as using electric bikes to carry goods or children, avoiding parking and traffic jams when driving a car, focusing on environmental protection, and riding an electric bicycle as a more efficient means of transportation.

Reasons to discourage people from buying electric bikes

The chart below shows that although people want to use electric bikes instead of their cars, they give up electric bikes because of travel distances, terrain and the need to transport goods:

Electric bikes are not only about practicality. In the hands of the car surveyed, about One-fourth said they wanted to exercise by electric bikes. Others show up to entertain, use electric bikes to make up for the lack of physical fitness, and need to go out with friends and family.

The change that electric bicycle brings to the user's life

No matter what reason they give, anyone who buys an electric bike uses a high frequency. More than 91% users will ride weekly or daily. At the same time, only 55% of people often ride bikes before buying electric bikes. It is clear that most drivers (93.4%) used standard bikes before.

But electric bikes allow them to ride more frequently and park their cars where they need them more often. In fact, the report shows that 76% of the plans to travel by electric bikes were originally carried out by automobiles.

Interestingly, 6.6% of electric bike riders now say they have not ridden standard bikes, while 93.5% now say they are cycling every week or day.

According to survey data, electric bicycles in the U.S. market small but rapid growth, in 2016 only sold 200,000 to 250,000 vehicles. Global sales are exploding, with sales expected to reach 100 million electric bikes by 2035, meaning more electric bikes are being used and cars are dwindling.

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