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Li-ion Battery 36v 9ah

Li-ion Battery 36v 9ah

li-ion battery 36v 9ah Product detail Chengerxing has more than 9 years experience in production of Li-ion batteries and battery packing, and the L-ion battery cells for e-bikes are all manufactured by a high precision automatic production line. The safety, reliability, and consistency of the...


li-ion battery 36v 9ah

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Product detail

Good Development Of The Electric Bicycle Market

Jul 26, 2018

According to the Importers Group and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, they all benefited from the good development of the European electric bicycle market. The document of the European Commission describes: “The EU industry cannot fully benefit from the growth of consumption from 2014 to the survey period. Even though consumption has indeed grown by 70%, sales in the EU industry can only increase by 21%. During this period, the market share was also significantly reduced by 23 percentage points due to dumping. In addition, production and sales, layoffs and production capacity must be reduced during the period from 2016 to the survey. From the 23% market share of EU industry losses, 18 of them % was affected by Chinese imports, which weakened the EU's industrial price by 16% to 43% during the survey."

105 exporters are required to pay 37% anti-dumping duties

In addition to the five companies mentioned above, 105 Chinese manufacturers are also subject to a 37% anti-dumping duty, while the remaining manufacturers must pay an 83.6% tax. The document further states: "The rate of provisional anti-dumping duties applies to the pre-tax net amount of the free-at-Union-frontier price."

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